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AC emergency in Houston? There are many times in Houston when an ac emergency is equivalent to being a potential health emergency. Heat-related illnesses are serious, and they can be deadly. The following are some tips for what to do if your air conditioning goes out in extreme heat.

Get in the Shade

If you have an ac emergency and temperatures are hovering anywhere near the 100s, it is important that you do the best you can to stay cool. If your home is well-shaded by trees, it may be fine to stay inside, especially if you can open a lot of windows and there is even a small breeze.

Be aware, however, that electric fans aren’t very helpful in such a situation because all they do is blow hot air around; they don’t cool the air.

You may need to get in some outside shade, if your home has no shade and the sun has caused the indoor temperatures to exceed outside temps. Do not stand in direct sunlight because what you need is to cool down.

Create a Homemade Evaporative Cooler

Here is a trick to stay cooler if you have an ac emergency. Hang wet burlap over an open window or doorway. Turn a fan on it, if there is no breeze. The temperature of the air that passes through the burlap will be lowered by as much as 15 degrees. For this to work continuously, keep the burlap wet. One way is to simply spray it with water occasionally.

More Tips in an AC Emergency

While you are waiting for qualified technicians to repair your air conditioner, be careful to tend to your personal safety in the extreme heat. The following are additional tips:

Drink more than the usual recommended amount of water for you. Limit alcohol consumption.Eat light meals that are well-balanced.

Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothes that cover as much of your skin as possible. Light clothing reflects sunlight and heat and helps maintain normal body temperature.

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