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Decorative Light panels are one of the ways that Mel Northey Company keeps your lighting options on the cutting edge. Used indoors or out, Decorative Light panels can spell out your message in eye catching clarity, or they can bring a splash of aesthetic color and style to your building.

At Mel Northey Company beauty and functionality in outdoor lighting is paramount. For nearly half a century architects, builders, developers and municipal planners have been turning to Mel Northey Company for all their lighting needs. Because we are committed to the most beautiful and cost effective lighting, signing, Decorative Light panels and other architectural enhancements, ours is THE name in Houston area lighting professionals.

Of course, having beautiful Decorative Light panels schemes isn’t worth much if the fixtures you use are not durable, flawlessly functional, and maintenance free. For this reason we make sure that our outdoor fixtures and Decorative Light panels are made from only the best materials. Posts and parts are crafted from heavy-duty cast aluminum posts with special, cutting edge coatings that resist rust, and remain chip and fade resistant for generations to come. We sell only the best fixtures on the market today. We wouldn’t sell inferior lighting solutions to our valued customers. Nor would we sell Decorative Light panels that will fail the test of time. This is why we are still in business after all these years.

Because we are also committed to the health and happiness of our neighborhoods and communities, Mel Northey Company subscribes to the Dark Sky initiative. It is Dark Sky’s goal to upgrade exterior lighting and Decorative Light panels so that none of the artificial light is beamed upward into the atmosphere where it spoils the spectacular Texas night sky for stargazers and nocturnal birds and animals. We think the light you pay for to illuminate your Decorative Light panels ought to be well spent. We are also convinced that your other lighting fixtures should be used to light the streets, sidewalks, parking lots and public places you meant to illuminate in the first place.

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Address : 303 Gulf Bank Road , Houston, Texas 77037-2499.

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Phone : 77037-2499 , 281-445-3485


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